Our Story




Nature Beautanicals was founded in pursuit of natural solutions for beauty and skin care needs. Our core belief is that the future is in the past so we decided to go back to the basics to create natural products for our customers. We believe in using natural ingredients, no preservatives and the finest oils. We believe there are natural solutions to skin care that do not include or require overwhelming chemicals found in many beauty and skin products these days.

The trick to our natural skin care formulations is mixing essential oils that are generally too strong to be used on their own. Blending is critical. The blended oils act as a well balanced carrier to deliver the best results without saturating your skin.

Nature Beautanicals is:

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Zero Preservatives
  • Made From The Finest Oils From Around The World
  • Fast Acting Solutions
  • Easy Application

The Nature Beautanicals Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the products you purchased, feel free to contact us and return the unused portion for a refund minus shipping and handling.

A Brief History

Founder Adriana Thomas, a retired dentist, had been searching for a solution to her itchy scalp condition for decades. When she was 11­ years ­old, she developed this condition as a result of a fire which devoured her hair and burned her scalp, neck and parts of her face. Adriana had tried several over ­the ­counter products that failed to alleviate her condition.

After conducting extensive research, trial & errors with expensive products, she began experimenting with a combination of natural oils. Her experience working in the fields of Mohs surgery, dermatology and histology has helped facilitate her research as well as her husband, Robert. With a degree in Food Science and a minor in Microbiology and Chemistry, Robert has contributed a significant amount of research and has experimented using the natural oil blends with his wife.

Suddenly, Adriana noticed a dramatic improvement on her scalp when using the natural oil mixture. She finally found the perfect solution. Instinctively, she wanted to share her experience and her exciting discovery with people suffering from the same condition. Launched in 2013, Adriana and Robert introduced one ­ounce bottles of blended natural oils that are guaranteed to alleviate itchy and dry scalp conditions. Their experience inspired them to find more natural remedies for beauty and skin care needs. Find out more about these all ­natural products in our online store.